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Our history

We were founded 10 years ago with a clear vision of creating personalized organization and storage systems for any type of need or situation. Through iterative improvement and hard work, we have been introducing new concepts and standards for modular equipment in homes and professional spaces. Innovation defines us and our work.

We have been actively listening and constantly interacting with our clients. This has contributed to the professionalization of design, which includes conceptual development, spatial planning, site inspections, manufacturing, and the physical realization of the imagined or the abstract.

All our knowledge in Furniture and Interior design has been poured into each of our projects; turning each one of them into a unique experience for our clients.

Throughout our history, we have made the “American Concept” experience a reality, where each client has felt deeply included in the development and execution of designs for their spaces, in addition to receiving very personalized service. For us at American Concept, it has been a true privilege to have been invited to be part of their lives.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: We offer each client our specialized service adapted to their needs and make personalized designs available to them.
  • Honesty: We are consistent in the way that we think and how we interact with all our associates.
  • Respect: We dedicate ourselves to the attention, consideration, and deference to our clients and business partners as a matter of principle.
  • Innovation: We are committed to developing new products and services in order to offer a contemporary and refreshing perspective of design to positively impact people's lives according to their tastes and lifestyle.
  • Punctuality: Timely delivery of plans and projects to achieve better performance and allow us to earn the respect of our esteemed business partners.


Our Philosophy

We create customized solutions for storage through the design of spaces with a lifetime guarantee. We design, manufacture, and install while listening to what customers have to say, combining their ideas with our experience. We use the highest quality products, subjected to sustainability processes, with the possibility of choosing and customizing measurements to make your experience unique and transcendent. We strive to introduce innovative designs to the market that optimize the functionality of the space, without losing sight of aesthetics: "space + design + function".


To consolidate ourselves as a benchmark "atelier" for the design and manufacture of customized solutions for storage, fostering innovation through the analysis of new trends, offering diversity and quality in all our products, in addition to continuous investment in qualified personnel, technology, and machinery to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.